1. Pressing Issues in E-Discovery – In-House Perspective: A discussion on how records management and legal holds impact clients. What are their obligations, what are others in the community doing.
  2. Pressing Issues in E-Discovery – Law Firm and In-House Perspective: A roundtable discussion on what attendees think are hot issues in electronic discovery.
  3. Judicial presentation on Pension Committee and Rimkus opinions. Open discussion on Legal Holds and the impact they have on the stakeholders in the process.
  4. Challenges between different stakeholders in the E-Discovery process working with each other through collection, processing, and review. A group discussion on different challenges faced in the process in response to a short 10 question quiz encompassing each of these issues.
  5. A special presentation on the possible need to amend the Federal Rules by providing clarification on preservation obligations and spoliation.
  6. Presentation on advanced search and retrieval analytics and the role special masters might play in resolving technology issues.
  7. The interplay between Rule 26(f) and the W.D. of PA's Local Civil Rule required ESI Form (Appendix LCVR 16.1A), on the one hand, and the growing insistence among the judiciary for "cooperation" among counsel driven in large measure by The Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation. We will have dialogue on the practical implications of this interplay in litigation.
  8. For a free way to generate topics, feel free to look at ESIBytes for a free list of hundreds of topics presented in E-Discovery by national experts.
  9. Podcasts by ESIBytes:

Reasons to get involved

  • Nonadverse education of the judiciary on sensitive e-discovery issues in markets where the judiciary participates.
  • The ability to capture the pain of certain areas of e-discovery like collection and preservation and provide representatives to discuss this with the rule making committee comprised of Judges Campbell, Judge Grimm, and Professor Markus.
  • The opportunity to discuss topics within a community so regional leaders can share with those learning the field and improve the overall quality of E-Discovery knowledge in a market.
  • The ability for in-house lawyers who are often too busy to get up to speed on e-discovery to find a free resource of information and identify local colleagues they can call on for advice.
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